Serving the Niche

 Serving the Niche

The way to generate traffic for the pictures you take is to group them by interest, subject or location and aggregate them in topical albums. In this manner you can post the album link in your social media groups and pages for the audience which is already there.

In this one example I posted a picture of what I call Legacy Tracks. They are the few remaining segments of the once extensive Pittsburgh Railway Company. What was once over 600 miles of urban and suburban street tracks and private ROW is now relegated to 8 known segments consisting of less than 700 yards of track. Many Pittsburghers miss the heyday of the trolleys. Others hated them and are glad to see the tracks covered in asphalt or pulled and concreted.

Description in in the Album
Across the nation and internationally there are hundreds of thousands of people who love the beauty and functionality of the streetcars and interurban passenger rail services. They are extremely image oriented.

After posting a couple of Legacy Track photos from Pittsburgh, I received over 1050 views of the one photo and over 550 views of the 2nd one. Each of those two pictures were accompanied by the link at which they could 

see the entire collection. they clicked the link over 310 times. My image profile is Lens4anEye at ClickaSnap.

The visits to the album links generated over 1900 views of the photos. As with all marketing efforts the view and click traffic has since died down to ordinary levels.

The next step is to find another group who really appreciated some set of my photographs.


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