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Photo Selling Platform

When I signed up for using the photo sharing platform I was drawn to to as a place where I could display my photographs and generate sales of prints. The marketing copy said they were a global operation and people would be able to see my work and go to the integrated Seller Shop to purchase what they had just been seeing. A perc was that people who who viewed my pictures long enough would generate a small revenue. At the Free subscription the amount would be $0.001 per view and $0.009 per view at the Pro subscription level. I opted for the Pro subscription and generated about $180 in the first 12 months. It's not a great deal of money but it does pay for the subscription fee (for the current year and now for 2024).  All the work I did to prepare images was not for the token view-fee but for the exposure being on an international, long established platform would get for my photography. In that first 12 month period 45,000 + views were registered with about 46% of the