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Buy My Merch at MERCHR

Visit my MERCHR shop of ClickaSnap images and products. Here is the link Here is what it looks like. There are loads of great gift ideas there at reasonable prices. Help spread the word. My email is   My ClickaSnap profile is Lens4anEye and can be seen at              

Merchr Photo Sales Shop for ClickaSnap

  Merchr Photo Sales Shop for ClickaSnap Monday this week, December 11, 2023, ClickASnap rushed its affiliate Merchr sales shop onto the Internet. They may have conducted a modicum of Beta testing but it doesn't show. Multiple oversights were initially obvious. Some have been addressed by Wednesday, but others remain. Image from my Lens4anEye profile at ClickaSnap and product at the Merchr site.   Pro and Seller subscribers must log into the Merchr site every time they want to connect. Initially, there were no "print to paper" options. Only 166 various objects including Matte Canvas (at a high price.) While existing products at the CAS Shop site were available to set up as Merchr products on a one at a time basis, additional images must be uploaded fresh from your computer. This necessitates re-uploading any images not previously a CAS product. After the paper options were added they are located at the 7th of 8 pages of product choices. Frequent products should rise to th

Serving the Niche

 Serving the Niche The way to generate traffic for the pictures you take is to group them by interest, subject or location and aggregate them in topical albums. In this manner you can post the album link in your social media groups and pages for the audience which is already there. In this one example I posted a picture of what I call Legacy Tracks. They are the few remaining segments of the once extensive Pittsburgh Railway Company. What was once over 600 miles of urban and suburban street tracks and private ROW is now relegated to 8 known segments consisting of less than 700 yards of track. Many Pittsburghers miss the heyday of the trolleys. Others hated them and are glad to see the tracks covered in asphalt or pulled and concreted. Description in in the Album Across the nation and internationally there are hundreds of thousands of people who love the beauty and functionality of the streetcars and interurban passenger rail services. They are extremely image oriented. After posting a