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Active Vs Passive Posting

click for larger Image Active vs Passive Posting When it comes to public exposure for your photographs there are several dynamics at play. The analogue I think of is that of a high school dance.    Those people who arrive with a date will be able to dance every dance whether fast or slow. Additionally, in most cases, they know who they are going to leave with.    Around the perimeter of the room are the clusters of boys who don’t have the courage to ask a girl to dance. In a similar way there are the groups of girls who are waiting to be asked. They all will eventually leave alone or with their accustomed friends.  They are all passively waiting for something to happen to them.  Some guys, the jocks and cool actors, will seek out the popular girls and become the example of what everyone else dreams about. The girls make it known they are open to the invitations.  Never underestimate the power of the Wingman or Wingwoman in these social environments.  The Wingman will push

Getting Your ClickaSnap Pictures Seen

  Getting Your ClickaSnap Pictures Seen This is the direct link to the article...   Studebaker Commander Everyone can view my photographs at ClickaSnap.   Only subscribers can Like and Comment. ClickaSnap offers Free subscriptions which is (currently) necessary for purchasing images. Currently, payment through ClickaSnap is only available via PayPal. Non-subscribers can email to and use PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or CashApp. Downloads via email are $5 USD. Creating a Free subscription is the better method of purchasing.   Photos are copyright by Robert Carlson. Most are available for purchase for personal use. Email for commercial licensing.

SEO for Greater Image Exposure

  SEO for Greater Image Exposure [ Lens4anEye ] Your SEO status is important for getting strangers to see your photography. Search Engine Optimization is the holy grail of online marketing.    SEO is something you can do yourself or pay someone to do for you. Promoters promise a lot of results if you pay up front for their work. It is easy for them to make claims and difficult for you to determine if they are worth the costs.   In short, if you are paying any amount to a promotion site to increase your ClickaSnap visibility, it will probably be too much. If someone charges $100 for SEO improvements you would need 14,285 paid-views (at the Uploads+ subscription) to break even. At the typical ratio of 40% conversion you would need to get 35417 total views. With 100 images each would need 354 views.    There are many things you can do yourself for no money if you put in your time. Facebook pages are free. Twitter accounts are free. Instagram, tumblr and Pinterest accounts a

A Few Good ClickaSnap Profiles

A Few Good ClickaSnap Profiles During my journey with ClickaSnap I have come across many good and great profiles by some really dedicated photographers. Their photographs have come across the Internet through a combination of methods. Early on I utilized the Explore page to see what was out there. I would see a photo which peaked my curiosity and I'd click on it. Many times the results were mediocre and I would lose interest fast. Some of them had so few examples that I was gone in a second. This is not to say I wouldn't and didn't come back later to see what might have been added. Some of the collections were highly interesting and varied such that I have been encouraged to return many times to see the new additions. If the collection had a sufficient number of pictures I could Follow the Profile and they could see that they were being followed. They had to have their Notifications turned on for that. If i followed them anything they posted would display in

Macro Photography

  Macro Photography Robert Carlson [ Lens4anEye ]   Click Here to View the Album   Bugs, flowers and details of common objects are frequent subjects for the macro lens.    Depth of field is always a consideration when focusing in close on a subject. The newer DSLR cameras can capture multiple frames focusing incrementally further into the depth of a particular composition. Then the photographer used an editing program to select the parts of each frame to composite the most in focus results.    There are camera algorithms which will accomplish that feat when saving the shot. Deep focus is what you normally get when concentrating on landscapes.    The smaller the aperture is the greater depth of field results. This applies in the mathematical limit of a pinhole camera which has an infinite depth of field. Actually in such a setup there is no physical lens at all. Using extremely small apertures requires a combination of brightly lit subjects and extra long shutter speeds. “F

Lincoln Highway vs US 30

Lincoln Highway vs US 30 Photos at When the highway numbering schema was created many different named roads were consolidated under the new monickers.  Click for Larger Image The Lincoln Highway began as a major east-west highway connecting Atlantic City, NJ with San Francisco. It traversed 12 states.   When the numbered road designations was introduced, the western end-point became Astoria, OR and only the first 9 states remained the same counting from the east. California, Nevada and Utah were replaced by Oregon and Idaho as part of the route.    The US 30 route is 3073 miles. Throughout the decades many sections of the original highways have been widened or bypassed to increase traffic volumes and facilitate faster heavier vehicles. The needs of the trucking industry drove the development of flatter profiles and larger radius curves. Tunnels and bridges needed greater carrying capacities.   Click for Larger Image My idea of travel is to run the old alignment