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The Benefits of Link Shorteners

The Benefits of Link Shorteners Making your links more stylish and readable makes people more comfortable in clicking on them. A long cryptic URL is not inviting. It doesn’t confer any information about where it leads. says that the subject is “Braddock” and it’s an “Album”. The person looking at the link may not know if Braddock is a person, place or thing but the context of the link or the search can narrow the interpretation.   Likewise the word “Album” could be music or photos. Context will again give clues to its nature. When you create a short URL with Bitly  it points to 1 location forever. The second part is yours the /BraddockAlbum part is a unique identifier. For example on the ClickaSnap photo sharing platform file names and album names are not exclusive to until user. Actually, a subscriber can use the exact same title on any number of photos. That is not a wise idea but it works. Within CAS many subscribers may create an Album using the

The Internet Audience

Staying in front of an internet audience is a difficult task.  Even if you were the only one on the only 24/7 channel which could not be turned off, you’d have to attract attention to that channel from all the other audio and visual stimulation being pushed at the audience.  Click here for picture albums The major plot arc of the TV series, Max Headroom (1988-89), was competing media networks which blasted their content to screens all over the city. Each network needed to keep one-upping the others in ratings to keep the advertisers happy and rolling in revenues.  Nobody could ever relax and reap benefits of accumulated standing. The audience was notoriously fickle. Even in the middle of a police chase or 5 alarm structure fire the competition could siphon viewership with a more sensational story.  The story was the essential element, one which was supported by the “footage”. Live cameras would catch raw reality and broadcast it as is.  That near future scenario is now the

In Small Worlds Even a Few Returning Contacts Can Add Up

  In Small Worlds even a few returning contacts can add up Working out how to reach new followers is key to a wide exposure of your content. A few factors help create that exposure.  Click this shortened link The CAS supplied URL is long like this: Make it simple. Long URLs are difficult to remember and are hard to manually type.  Use it often. Ideally every item in your portfolio should be marked with your identity. Your identity should be easy to remember. Even better if it can be spoken as a name or phrase.  Until ClickaSnap adds functionality features which make links easier to use, creating short URLs with shorteners such as makes it easier.  The CAS server system employs a URL format (https://{profile- name}/photo/{a long cryptic string} to display a specific photo. The Bitly shortener can simplify that to{myphotoID.  Similarly the lo

New URL Format at ClickaSnap

New URL Format at ClickaSnap I haven’t seen the new CAS format for URLs yet that will start being generated on August 10 but there will be some far reaching connectivity outages.  This posting has been written without links to CAS to avoid having to change them later. The current URL format is scheduled to be “redirected” to the new locations through October 10. After that date all current links between CAS and subscribers’ media will go dark.  Going dark means all existing published links will show as broken. Possibly a “404 - file not found” error will result. Such a condition reflects poorly on the owners who has that show up on their web pages. People who maintain their own web presence will be able to edit the HTML of their pages to accommodate the changes but… there are places where editing is not possible.  Tweeted images, album links, and the profile link itself are not editable. I believe (X) will still have the image which was used but the link will be dead. To

Fascination with doors

Doors A perennial favorite subject of many photographers is Doors.    They are portals to other worlds and other times. Consider the iron and wooden doors of    mausoleums which divide reality and mortality.    They keep the light of the world out and the dark of the underworld in.    Click to go to the Album Church doors, many intricately carved wood, are set in equally intricate chiseled stone facades. They harken to a day when sacred geometry dominated architecture.  Dwellings of all size and style have doors which exemplify the structure itself and the character of the builder. Grand iron gated entrances sit at one extreme while other simple wood panel doors provide minimal security, privacy and protection from the elements.  Even a simple ordinary door can stand out as having character and emotion when its paint is peeling or it is falling off its hinges.    Such scenes evoke times past when a family would have lived behind that panel. Or maybe a factory once hired hund