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It just Goes to Show Ya, You Never Know

It just Goes to Show Ya, You Never Know Marketing efforts for any product or service can take off on a tangent at any time. Just when you think your efforts are not bearing fruit, there it is. So it is with my Lens4anEye profile. National Road Toll House I would post a ClickaSnap image link in my Facebook page and on some of the Groups in which I am a member. It would get a view or two here and there. Even by posting an image in one or other of the "related" ClickaSnap Facebook groups would get nary a view or comment. But then one day I pasted the link to my Braddock album in a Braddock, PA Facebook group and the members of that group rallied to the album and generated over 1000 collective views of 21 photos. It happened all in a 48 hour period before the listing aged down their page and out of view. I tried to do the same approach for my Pittsburgh album in Pittsburgh related groups with only minimal results. Other towns and album subject were likewise disappointi

Then and Now

Then and Now is a concept for a photographic album which contains pairs of pictures across many years, even decades. The pairing is not limited to only two pictures. Some examples have several entries from one period and there are examples from four or five (again not limited) time references. The essential purpose is to display how the subjects have changed. In order to gain a dedicated following for being a photographer, one must develop a style and set of themes which the audience can come to expect and look forward to seeing. To that end, I seek imagery which fits into my collection of photo albums. Then I can point viewers to specific topics which interest them. Periodically, I repost the album reference where the audience is expected to be. Once it a while someone will contact me saying "where are you? I haven't seen anything new for a while." I always have to reply so they know I am still around. Since not everyone is interested in all my subjects I make an album