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Likes Are Not the Same as Paid-views

Likes Are Not the Same as Paid-views Recently ClickaSnap changed its policy for Notifying subscribers when another subscriber viewed a photo. They removed the Notifications. What used to be about a 50-50 ratio of Subscriber Notifications to Non-subscriber View count is now a complete mystery. The ostensible reason for stopping the View notifications is that some subscribers did not want to get notified. That stance may have derived from having to clear each and every notification one-by-one. Yes, having to do that was a nuisance when dozens to hundreds of notification were posted. Having to clear each notification separately was made onerous earlier in 2023 when the system stopped clearing the blue dot each time a notification way viewed. Some subscribers, myself included, asked for a "Clear All" Button. We got that function at the same time as losing View Notifications. That function would have satisfied people who wanted to not have so many Notifications to clear. Incidenta

Viewing Parameters of a ClickaSnap Photo Platform Profile

Viewing Parameters of a ClickaSnap photo platform profile This data is for one specific subscriber so other result may vary. The profile is: Lens4anEye First a few initial conditions. The account presented here has been active since the end of January 2023. At the writing of this article it has been 7 months. About 600 other subscribers have opted to follow it.  There are 1355 images in the set an have collectively had 35,300 views. These views have generated about $126 total revenues. Some of the statistics which have been gleaned from the sites reporting functions are as follows.     Over the life of the profile the average daily Paid-view ratio is 40%.     On a daily basis the ratio can be as high as 70% and as low as 18%.     Intraday ratios can vary greatly starting out very high and falling in subsequent hours.     Contrary to conventional wisdom the greater View counts result in the lower Paid-view ratios.     Currently and until Sept 4 the difference between subscriber views a