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Scenes Along the Highway

  Lens4anEye is my profile name on the photo platform. Link to the Scenes Along the Highway Album Come along with me on a journey across and around this great country. Every road connects to every other either directly or by another road. Some of those roads are over 100 years old now and still contain some of the most interesting and iconic scenes. My camera and lens-like eye preserves the remains of many locations which are on the verge of complete disappearance. At the same time there are people who seek to preserve and reuse the structures and landscapes for their present and future use. I have put as much detail as I can into the descriptions for those who wish to know more about the places. Many of these photographs are available as prints or digital downloads. CLICKASNAP , the photo sharing platform these pictures are hosted on, is in the midst of a Seller's Shop overhaul. If you want to make a purchase but have any questions, email me at Lens4anEye@

Fleeing From Social Media

Union Station, Washington, DC Social media was suppose to be "all things to all people." Its promise was to be an avenue of access for everyone to to have access to everyone else. The lure was for everyone to have a voice and be able to express themselves. But then it became its own worst nightmare. For early adopters it was like being able to walk around the town square listening to whoever was speaking, singing; looking at the sidewalk art and performers. It was the place to make yourself known for your message, art, politics, philosophy, etc. The atmosphere was more like a Renaissance Fair than livestock auction. The free exchange of ideas and culture became overshadowed by the sellers and professional advertisers. Every message was "brought to you by" some other paid entity. In short, the fun became serious. The content became business. The debate and exchange of ideas became propaganda. Information became co-mixed with disinformation.  Crevices and and cracks f