Merchr Photo Sales Shop for ClickaSnap

 Merchr Photo Sales Shop for ClickaSnap

Monday this week, December 11, 2023, ClickASnap rushed its affiliate Merchr sales shop onto the Internet. They may have conducted a modicum of Beta testing but it doesn't show. Multiple oversights were initially obvious. Some have been addressed by Wednesday, but others remain.

Image from my Lens4anEye profile at
ClickaSnap and product at the Merchr site.


Pro and Seller subscribers must log into the Merchr site every time they want to connect.

  1. Initially, there were no "print to paper" options. Only 166 various objects including Matte Canvas (at a high price.)
  2. While existing products at the CAS Shop site were available to set up as Merchr products on a one at a time basis, additional images must be uploaded fresh from your computer. This necessitates re-uploading any images not previously a CAS product.
  3. After the paper options were added they are located at the 7th of 8 pages of product choices. Frequent products should rise to the top for ease of use.
  4. Specific paper selections do not remain in the same position on successive product creations. This makes looking for the correct paper ratio/orientation cumbersome.
  5. One has to select the paper size ratio, ie, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, before selecting the image to place. This makes paper selection tedious. It would be far more seamless to select the image THEN show it on the various paper ratios. 
  6. Similar to ClickASnap itself, the Merchr site does not accept line breaks and paragraphs in the descriptions. Nor does it accept text formatting.
  7. I can see where Merchr might not want to make link references hot in the descriptions at their site, but hot links used to be available at the ClickASnap site until recently.
  8. Similarly to the previous in-house Shops, there is no feedback for if anyone actually visits the Shop or looks at a particular image. Even a raw visitor count would be helpful.

The product set up with Merchr should be a lot more seamless and transparent. This dedicated ClickASnap user hopes the items mentioned here and in the Facebook forums do not fall on deaf ears.



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